Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sick Days 2

My sweet Pea has been pretty sick for the last two weeks (hence my absence) and just can’t seem to shake this thing! So I figured I would update and show you all the things that have helped make her more comfortable while' she’s been sick.

As much as she has always hated it, the Nosefrida is an AMAZING snot sucker that really helps her breathe better. We have to be careful when we use it thought b/c if we don’t get all the snot out at once she tends to choke on what’s left and has thrown up more than once as a result. She’s been choking on the snot when we aren’t using the Nosefrida so its definitely better that we use it than not. This go ‘round with the snot, my pediatrician even asked me if we had it to help with getting rid of the congestion.

When her fever popped up yesterday we started giving her Tylenol. I was actually surprised at how well baby Tylenol worked! Her fever came down within an hour, she wasn’t as letharic and she was back to her normal cheerful self. Definitely check with your doctor about the dosing for your baby because its based on weight and NOT age for infants.

Just before Sweet Pea got sick, my husband’s boss came in from the UK and brought with him these decongestant capsules. WOW, talk about amazing!! They’re safe for infants older than 3 months and they work instantly! You just squeeze the contents of a capsule onto a burpie or washcloth and tie it their crib or hang it somewhere out of reach. The Menthol in the capsule permeates the air and helps open up their airways. It even works for adults. I wish we could buy more in the US.

Other than that we’ve just been having Jammie days and snuggling lots. I promise more craft and recipe fun when my Sweet Pea is feeling better!

Swimsuit Giveaway on BHO!

I would LOVE to win this give away:

 Baby Half Off is giving away a gift card to Hapari Swimwear and who wouldn't want to win this? (especially those of us with post-baby bodies :-)
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Not that I neeeeed a new swimsuit living in the Pacific NW... but if I won, I would surely find some amazing occassion to wear is... like maybe a vacation to the FL Keys or Hawaii... which I could plan and surprise my husband with. I think that would work don't you?