About Us

I've always been inclined toward craftiness. As a kid I was always looking for a cardboard box or two to make into <something>.  When I found out I was pregnant my craftiness kicked into overdrive. Finally! Someone to make things for! Over spring break that year I started looking for instructions online to make hair bows for my Sweet Pea. I didn't even know it was a girl yet, but I just felt like I should make some bows. So what started as just  Ribbons for Grace has blossomed into a whole world of things that I do out of love for my girl.

I started this blog in March of 2011 as an outlet for my creative streak when she was 5 months old. I hope that as she grows we'll soon be able to share in these blogging adventures and that eventually she'll be running the show! Right now she's more interested in yanking her giraffe's leg or petting our puppy than in blogging, but not for long!

So who are you?
I am wife, mom, teacher, blogger, christian, swimmer, runner, listener, crafter, post card collector, traveler, baker, and novice chef - and I'm willing to try anything at least once - especially a new craft or recipe!

What can I expect to find here?
I love finding ways to enjoy the best parts of life without breaking the budget - thriftily and creatively. This is essential to my lifestyle because I tend to have very expensive taste and practice self control on a regular basis. Anytime I find a way to live extravagantly on a budget, you'll find it here. Anytime I figure out how to make at home that awesome new toy that everyone's got to have, you'll find it here. And anytime I try something new, you'll find that here too. Oh, and anytime I find a great charity that's worth supporting, you might just find that here too.