Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Tag-rific Tutorial

You know how you see something in a store and think to yourself, “Dude! I can totally make that!” Well, this is one that I’ve been itching to try since I got the idea in my head a couple of months ago. The first version didn’t turn out perfectly (I am a novice sewer at best) and so I think I’ll try again in a couple of days.
DSC_0100First things first, for this little doozy you’ll need lots of scraps – scrap fabric, scrap ribbon, and an empty wrapper from either your baby’s favorite disposable diapers or your wipes refill pack. I used a wipes refill pack. The plastic from it is actually enough to make two or three, depending on the size.
After you’ve gotten everything together, cut your fabric into two even sized pieces. I picked a square but this can easily be done as a circle, triangle, rectangle… heck, even a rhombus would do nicely. Then measure the plastic and cut it to about the same size.
DSC_0104Cut your ribbon into random sizes and pin it to the right side of your fabric so that the loops point inward.  Don’t make the loops too long – about 4 inches of ribbon is plenty long enough when made into a loop. I think I made some of my “tags” too long. When I give it to Bitty Bear tomorrow I’ll see if she tries to put the whole thing in her mouth or not. (I suppose this goes with all toys, but please make sure your children are supervised when playing with this one)
With the right sides facing each other, layer your pieces so that when you turn the rights sides out at the end, the plastic will be in the middle. I put the plastic on the bottom when I went to sew it together. You can just as easily sew the inside seem with the plastic as the top layer. Make sure all the loops point in!!!DSC_0105
Sew around the edge leaving a small gap for turning. Remove the pins and turn the toy right side out (plastic will now be in the middle). Sew a finishing edge around it and you’re done!! Congrats! In about 1/2 an hour you made your babe a new toy!
Happy Sewing!
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