Monday, October 31, 2011

A brief hiatus and new fundraising goals!

Excuse my brief abdication of my blogging goals. I had a birthday party to plan, parents in town, and lots of fun to be had. There was no time for blogging. Check out my family blog for updates and stories from the last two weeks of fun!

My charity: water campaign continues – with some new goals!! As promised we have matched every dollar given so far. And, as expected, my husband’s employer is going to match every dollar that we gave. This means that if you gave already your money has been tripled!!

With one more month to go and our original goal far exceeded I’ve set a new goal and I hope that you’ll help us reach it!

We’re going for the big 5K. And if we make it, David and I are going to run a 5K with jingle bells on.

Here’s how it’s going to go:

We started to train for the 5K today. (A worthy couch-to-5K program has been enlisted for this cause)

If you already gave, then I’m going to put your name and the number of meters you’ve sponsored on a bell that I’ll wear while I run the 5K. (Remember that because of all the matching awesomeness going on, if you give $5 you’re actually sponsoring $15meters!! If you give between now and the end of my campaign I’ll create a new bell for you that I’ll wear.

I would love to look absolutely ridiculous while running this 5K – please help cover me in jingle bells!!!

After the 5K is over, I’ll send you the bell with your name on it and you can hang it on your door, Christmas tree, banister, fireplace, ribbon necklace, or favorite holiday towel (or wherever else you’d like to hang it) so you can remember all the good that will come from your donation. 

I’m also still selling bows and custom baby pants on etsy for the cause so check that out too! If you buy a bow or a pair of pants the jingle bell rule still applies! So you can buy Christmas presents for your little ones, support a great cause, and you’ll get a bell.

The awesomeness just keeps getting awesomer. 

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  1. Monica, I keep meaning to email you to say I'd like to donate some money to your campaign! Tell me what to do!