Friday, October 7, 2011

Tell me, should I stay here? Or do I need to move?

Well friends, we’re about half way through our campaign for charity: water and I’m remembering why I’m doing this. Change. Its inevitable and its not always easy. The most recent changes in my life have been hard – but good. Hence the reason I’ve called our campaign “Celebrating Changes.” Want to hear the whole story? Sure, you say, you’ve got nothing better to read, right?

Last year my husband and I were faced with some pretty tough choices. He knew he was going to lose his job and needed to find a new one. I had just found I was pregnant with our first child. The only job choice that presented was across the country - we had to decide if we were going to stay in NC with family and no job or move to Seattle with a job and no family or friends.

I remember buying a bunch of Third Day albums at Winter Jam in Greensboro and for the next two months straight listening to them on my way to work. The music really changed my life – I was having trouble trusting that God would take care of me and my family throughout all the changes that were going on. The line from the chorus of Revelation, "Give me a Revelation/Show me what to do/I've been trying to find my way/I haven't got a clue/Tell me should I stay here?/Or do I need to move?" was literally my prayer for months. It was only a two mile commute for me from home to the school where I taught, but I would sit in my car in the parking lot finishing the song and asking God for guidance every day. I know its cheesy, but its true.

We did end up moving. Our baby girl was born last October and turns 1 in a little over a week. We found a new church, reconnected with old friends, made new friends and praise God that He has been faithful to provide for us.

I realized that despite all these hard changes I still worry for very little. I have a safe home over my head, clothes on my body, food in my belly, and water at the tap. I am clean, fed, and warm every day of my life. Not everyone has that luxury.

Back at Winter Jam we decided to make a difference in the lives of three little kids by sponsoring them through Holt International – that’s a big part of the mission of the Winter Jam concert series for anyone who hasn’t been before. (There’s one in Tacoma in a couple weeks for any of you local Seattlites)

The yearning in my heart has always been to make a difference in the lives of other people – whether it was my students, these three kids we support through Holt International, or the people living in Northern Ethiopia who will get water through my charity: water campaign.

Change is inevitable, Please help me make change a good thing for people who need water.

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