Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Big Idea

Water. How much water do you think you drink in a day? 2 cups? 4 cups? just at dinner? Do you like to drink juice and pop too? Or are you addicted to water like I am and drink nothing but most of the day? Do you have a filter so your water doesn’t taste like chemicals? What would you do if you had to walk 5 miles to get something to drink? Would you want to drink it once you found it?

1/6th of the world currently has limited access to water – some people walk up to 3 hours to fill up a jug with water to use for ALL of their day’s activities. Drinking. Cooking. Washing. And did I mention that these jugs are HEAVY? Yeah, not your gallon-oh-milk sized jugs, I’m talking about a 20 L jerry can. I can barely pick up two at a time, much less carry 2 at a time (sometimes 40lbs worth!) from ye’ ole’ water hole all the way home. Check out this video to learn more about the water crisis.


My campaign will bring 75 people clean water – that’s a small village! - and you’ll be able to track it via GPS when its done because this year charity:water is buying a drilling rig. Think about giving. You could be the instrument of change.

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