Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Would I drink that?

I’ve said it a lot already, but I just can’t get over this image.

I imagine myself walking the 3/4ths of a mile down to Greenlake, filling up a Jerry Can with this nasty water (that I usually refuse to even swim in) and taking it home. I imagine pouring it into my juice glasses and setting it down in front of my daughter for her to drink.

Please people. In my right mind I won’t even drink the tap water here in Seattle. One – because I hate the taste of city water. Two – have you ever read the list of chemicals they put in your city water to make it clean????? YIKES!!! Flouride I understand, we all want our kids to have strong teeth, but Chlorine, ALL of its TOXIC and CARCINOGENIC by products (that occur because of the reactions with organic matter like leaves in run off water), and EVERYTHING ELSE that’s just in the water that gets recycled through the waste treatment plants again and again and again.  YUCK.

When I think about that, I don’t even want to drink the perfectly safe, perfectly clean water that comes out of my own tap. Much less the water in any of the ponds, streams, rivers, or lakes nearby. Can you imagine drinking something that looks like this?


This is a woman who lives in Northern Ethiopia, the region where the drilling rig we’re raising money for will be working. Click here to help.

Don’t have any spare cash? That’s ok. This week’s challenge will help you find some. It’s coming up next.

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