Thursday, September 22, 2011

Water Challenge 3: Spare Change

Don’t you love when you pull out your winter coat and find some change – perhaps even a $20 – in the pockets?? Oh this is one of my favorite feelings. Its like getting something for free, except not.

No, I don’t purposely leave $20 in my coat so I can find it in the fall. But I have found it there before!! More often it happens with gift cards that are lying around with a few dollars left on them. I love gift cards.

So at this point you’ve been reading my blogs/FB statuses and are thinking to yourself that you’d really like to give… but … the economy … and your job (or lack of job)… and your mom said … and your savings account … and yadadadada excuse x10billion.

Its ok. I forgive you. I’m here to help. Here are three ways to find spare change that you don’t need or at least that you can spare.

1) Coffee:


Do you get coffee every day at a shop? or may every week? Cut out just one latte a week and you’ve got anywhere between $3.45 and $4.50 to spare. Can’t give up your fix? Cutting out the flavor shot will give you $0.50 in spare change each time you give it up.

I didn’t say you had to give big to give at all. Every penny helps.

2) Share:

Do you eat out often? Do you and your spouse/partner/GF/BF/BFF always get your own meal? Consider splitting a meal just once this month instead of getting your own. That will give you between $12 and $20 to spare (one average).


I know its nice to get your own meal and maybe you already know you don’t need all the calories (I can never finish a meal when we eat out) and you just like having leftovers for lunch. Fine, no problem. Then consider finding the difference between the item you order and the most expensive item on the menu. Pretend your meal cost the most and give away the difference that you spared. This is probably $4-20 you spared by ordering a less expensive item (for an average restaurant. I’m not talking about a 5 star Kobe Beef and Lobster meal… although that would be really nice, wouldn’t it?)

3) Netflix/HuluPlus/Xbox live


I did it. I know. I just suggested you give up your tv watching service for a month. But really this is a great way to get $10 and ooooodles of time back into your life. Or, you could consider that all the new seasons of everything you’ve been catching up on are about to start this week and you could cut off the catch up service while you enjoy the first few new episodes. See, you don’t even have to stop watching tv to help other people get water. And since everyone hates the new netflix set up anyways and you can watch most of the tv you really want to see for free online, I think the $10 you’re sparing here for the sake of water is worth it.

I’d love to hear how you find some spare change to give. Leave some comment love and let me know what you did.


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