Friday, September 30, 2011

The icky sticky and why I’m a water snob

image I’m a self proclaimed water snob. And this is why:

I remember the first time I was exposed to the disease called cholera. I was reading an American girl book about my favorite American girl –Kirsten. She and her family were traveling on a steam boat to their new home in Minnesota (in 1854) from where their boat landed (they immigrated from Sweden) in New York. Kirsten’s best friend (and one of my favorite characters) caught cholera and died. I was devastated. How would the series go on? Would everyone catch this disease and die? I was a very worried 9 year old. I had to ask my mom about it because suddenly I became afraid not only for the characters in the book but for myself! What if I drank dirty water and caught cholera? My mom reassured me that the water we were drinking was from a safe well and that we filtered it as it came into the house so that it would be even cleaner. My little nine year old self was put at ease for the moment. But this just isn’t the case everywhere.

No one should have to worry about getting sick and dying from a water borne disease. Of course I know I go a little overboard with water filtration, but I did grow up on well water and I just can’t stand the taste of the city water that comes out of our tap. I know its safe, mostly.

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